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The 'Admin' library is a complete library of functions to help manage the data within all of flexi carts database tables.

The library primarily consists of a series of CRUD functions that at their most basic act as a simple SQL SELECT query, ranging up to complex functions that can automatically save the entire contents of a shopping cart to the database with the call of just one function.

Browse throught the admin demos to view live working examples of the majority of the functions that are available from the admin library.

Admin Dashboard

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Item Management
flexi cart is designed to provide a range of functions that can be used independently of each other to provide essential features to an e-commerce website.
Whilst flexi cart takes care of online ordering, shipping rates, tax rates, discounts and currencies, it leaves the database structure for item and category tables completely up to the design of the developer.
For the purposes of demonstrating some of flexi carts features, a demo item, and category table have been included that are then linked to some of the cart functions.

View and manage customer orders that have been saved by flexi cart.
Locations and Zones
Locations and zones can be setup that allow custom shipping, tax and discount rules to be created that are then applied depending on the customers location.
Shipping and Taxes
Shipping options and taxes can be setup to return an appropriate shipping and tax rate depending on the customers location.
In addition, individual items can have specific shipping and tax rates applied to them.

Discounts can be setup with a wide range of rule conditions.
The discounts can then be applied to specific items, groups of items or can be applied across the entire cart.

Reward Points and Vouchers
Customers can earn reward points when purchasing cart items. The reward points can then be converted to vouchers that can be used to buy other items.
Currency, Order Status and Cart Configuration
Many configuration options within the cart can be set via the database, eliminating the need to update settings via a config file.