Admin Library | Convert Reward Points to Voucher

Users can earn reward points when they purchase items. When they earn enough points, they can be converted to a voucher worth a monetary value.

The voucher is stored as a code in the database that when entered on their next purchase, will deduct the vouchers value from their cart total.

The conversion and monetary value of reward points and vouchers can all be set via the cart configuration.

Convert Reward Points to Voucher

Manage Reward Vouchers | Manage Reward Points | Manage Reward Points for Customer #1

  • Customer #1 has a total of -200 active reward points.

  • This demo is setup to require a minimum of 250 reward points per voucher.
    Multiples of 250 reward points can be combined together to create a higher value voucher.
    Each point is currently setup to be worth £0.01.

    A customer with 320 reward points can only create 1 voucher worth £2.50 (250 points).
    A customer with 540 reward points can either create 1 voucher worth £5.00 (500 points), or 2 vouchers worth £2.50 each (250 points).
    All remaining leftover points will remain available in their account for future use, until they expire.
  • This user does not have enough active reward points to convert to a voucher.