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Shipping rates and rules for individual items can be set that can either omit the item from being included in the cart shipping calculations, or add a shipping surcharge that will be applied on top of the standard shipping charge.

This allows specific items to have free shipping, whilst items with a higher insurance value could have a surcharge applied. These shipping rules can also be applied accordingly to a customers location

Items can also be set to be shipped separately from the rest of the cart items, this will then calculate the shipping charge for that specific item, and then recalculate the shipping charge for the rest of the cart items.

Additionally, items can be banned from being shipped to specific locations, by either 'whitelisting' or 'blacklisting' a location.
Whitelisting means the item can ONLY be shipped to that location, whilst blacklisting means it CANNOT be shipped to that location.
All sub-locations of a listed location will also be affected.

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