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Shipping Options can be setup to offer specific shipping options accordingly to a customers location.

When targeting a specific location, the shipping option can be either applied to a specific location, or a location zone. Shipping Options that are applied to a location, are then inherited by all children of that location.

Using the default setup of this cart demo as an example, any customer that specifies their location as 'United States' will be shown only options available for shipping to the 'United States'.

If the customer was then to specify their State as 'California', they will only be shown shipping options to 'California' - because there are options defined for 'California'. However, if they specify 'Florida' they will still be shown the 'United States' shipping as no options are defined for 'Florida'.

For added flexibility against complex tax rules, a specific tax rate can be applied to the shipping rate that will override the tax rate used by the cart.

Shipping options can be included/excluded from cart discounts.

Within each shipping option, a set of rate tiers can be defined to charge a different price depending on the carts total value and weight.

Insert New Shipping Option

Manage Shipping Options

Shipping Option
Option Name /
Location Zone Inc. Sub Locations Tax Rate (%) Discount Status

Shipping Rate Tiers
Rate (£) Tare Weight (g) Min Weight (g) Max Weight (g) Min Value (£) Max Value (£) Status Copy / Remove