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Locations are directly related as children to 'Location Types'. For each location type, an unlimited number of locations can be set.

For example, a location type of 'Country' would list all countries that the cart is setup to do business with.
Specific shipping, tax and discount rules can then be applied to these countries (If they differ from the carts default values).

Each location can also be related to a higher tiered location, for example, a state location of 'New York' would be related to a country location of 'United States'. This enables a chaining method where all rules applied to the 'United States' are passed on to 'New York', but rules to 'New York' are not passed up to 'United States'.

Sometimes a location may need to be grouped with other locations, but trying to relate them using the parent-to-child relationship is not practical.
For example, if you created an 'EU' tax rule, you would not be able to apply it to a location of 'Europe' as not all European countries are in the 'EU'. So instead, we can create a Zone called 'Tax EU Zone', we can then assign independent countries to this zone that will now inherit a defined EU tax rate.

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