About the flexi cart Demo

This demo is intended to demonstrate the majority of all the functions that are available in flexi cart.

All these demo files are available for download so that you can see and play with the code behind the working examples.

Layout of the demo

The layout of the demo is broken down into two main sections.

The first section represents the 'public' area of a site containing a working shopping cart with item and cart feature examples that can be applied to the cart to test the functionality.

The second section contains an example 'admin backend' of an e-commerce site that can be used to manage all of the carts settings.

Live data

The data within the demo is 'live' and any changes that are made will directly affect the cart, so bare it in mind that other users may also be using the cart and also changing settings themselves.

The best way to ensure the intended user experience when using the demo, is to download the demo files and use them via your local setup.

All data within the website demo example is periodically reset after a few hours.

How to get started

Simply view one of the 'Item Example' pages via the header navigation menu and add one of the items to the cart.

When you've had a good experimentation with the 'public' section of the site, try completing an order and then head on over to the 'admin library' to manage the backend of the site.

Go and get playing!

Item Examples
Examples of features that can be applied to items added to the cart.
Feature Examples
Examples of some of the features that are available in flexi cart.
Library Examples
Examples of some of the features available in each of the three libraries.