Miscellaneous Cart Feature Examples

Aside from core power features of flexi cart, there are also a collection of other 'helper' functions that be used to customise the functionality of the cart.

Many of these helper functions are available from the Lite Library and so by using a smaller memory footprint than the full standard library, can be used across the entire site with minimal effect to site performance.

Minimum Order Value

A minimum order value can be set that the cart total must equal or surpass before the customer can checkout.

  • Minimum Order: £0.00
  • Current Order Total: £0.00
  • Current Status: Eligible to Checkout.

Custom Cart Status (User Status Example)

Three individual custom cart statuses can be set to affect whether discounts become active.
The custom statuses can contain any string or integer values, if the value then matches the the custom status of a discount, then provided all other discount conditions are also matched, the discount is activated. This example, uses a custom status to check whether a user is logged in, by default it is set as false (0), when the status is changed (Simulating a user logging in), the status is set to true (1) which would then enable the discount.
For this demo, if the user logs in, a 5% discount is applied to the cart total, if the user logs back out, it is removed.

Current Status: User IS NOT logged in

Convert Currency

Values can be converted and formatted from the carts default currency to another using data saved in the currency database table.
  • £0.00

Convert Value to a Weight

Weights can be converted and formatted from one weight to another.
  • 0.00g

Change Tax Rate

On this demo site, for simplicity, the tax location is set at the same time as the shipping location via the 'Shipping' options on the 'View Cart' page.
However, it is possible to set the shipping location and tax location independently of each other, the example below sets the tax location only.