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Cart session data can be saved to the database to allow customers to save individual carts that they can return to at a later date.

In addition to this, when a customer places an order, the cart data can be saved so that the contents of the cart can be reloaded and amended by an admin if details of the order need to be changed.

Below is a compiled list of functions related to cart data saved to the database.

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Database Cart Data Configuration

Customise the configuration of the cart data database table via the config file.

Database Cart Data Config. File Settings

Getting Data

Get data from the database.
Database / Helper Data
  • unserialize_cart_data()
    Returns unserialized cart data saved in the database as an array.
  • load_cart_data()
    Loads a saved cart data array from the database and copies it to the users current cart session data.

Setting Data

Set data to the carts session data.
Cart Data
  • save_cart_data()
    Serializes the cart session array and saves it to the database.

Admin Data

Run database management functions.
Cart Data Table CRUD Functions