User Login

The user login page is the primary gateway for authenticating a users login details are valid before redirecting the user to a logged in landing page.

The flexi auth library offers numerous methods and features to aid authentication of users, including auto login via 'Remember me' cookies, captchas automatically activated upon repeated failed login attempts, and incremental time limit bans for users with a high number of failed login attempts.

In addition to the authentication methods, the library includes functions to help users with tasks like reseting forgotten passwords, and resending account activation emails. All of these features available within the library are optional, and can be mixed and matched with each other or completely left out.

User Login

Registered Users
  • Example Users

    There are 3 example users setup, login to each account using the following details.

    Email Username Password admin password123 moderator password123 public password123
  • Note: On this demo, 3 failed login attempts will raise security on the account, activating a 10 second time limit ban per login attempt (20 secs after 9+ attempts), and activation of a captcha that must be completed to login.

  • Reset Forgotten Password
  • Resend Account Activation Token
New Users