About the flexi auth Demo

This demo is intended to demonstrate the majority of all the functions that are available within the flexi auth library.

All these demo files are available for download so that you can get hands on with the code behind the working examples.

Layout of the demo

The layout of the demo is broken down into three main sections.

The first 'outer' section requires no login to view and contains examples of flexi auth library features that are used by users that have not logged in, for example a user login form, a registration form, and forgotten password and account activation request forms.

The second section contains an example 'public account' interface where public users can log into their account and manage their own settings.

The third section contains an example 'admin backend' interface where administrators can login and manage the settings for all site users, user privileges and user groups.

Live data

The data within the demo is 'live' and any changes that are made will directly affect the auth, so bare it in mind that other users may also be using the demo and also changing settings themselves.

The best way to ensure the intended user experience when using the demo, is to download the demo files and use them via your local setup.

All data within the website demo example is periodically reset after a few hours.

How to get started

By default the demo is setup with 3 example user accounts that each have different access permissions.

Try logging into each of these accounts and browsing the different pages within the demo to view examples of the flexi auth library in action. Login details for each account are available via the login page.

If you wish to setup and then manage your own account, you can register for an account via the registration page.

Go and get playing!

Quick Links

Public Dashboard
Manage account details of the logged in user.
Note: Must be logged in as any user.

Admin Dashboard
Manage user accounts, groups and privileges.
Note: Must be logged in as an admin or moderator.