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All changes that have been made between each new version of flexi cart.

Github Commit History

See the Github commit history log for more better indepth and up-to-date details on changes.

Release | April 2013

  • Added a new order search function that enables easy keyword searches of the order summary table.
  • Added new cart sub-total functionality to display the total of the cart excluding tax.
  • Updated database dump file to include default values for table columns.
  • Fixed minor css issues within the demo.

Release | January 2013

  • Updated save_cart_data() function to return the inserted row id rather than TRUE.

Release | November 2012

  • Minor bug fix to ensure that discounts with identical codes are ordered correctly by their 'order by' column.
  • Minor bug fix that was causing incorrect values being returned by the item_summary_total() function when a discount is applied and the user views prices either inc/ex tax.
  • Minor bug fix that was causing fixed discounts to not being removed when using the update_discount_codes() function.

Release | September 2012

  • Added new examples of adding items to the cart via ajax.
  • User guide tweaks, including the addition of a search tool.

Release | August 2012

  • Minor bug fix for PHP warning of 'Warning Message: Creating default object from empty value'.

Release | May 2012

  • Added 'Italian', 'French', 'German', and 'Spanish' language files.

    The new language files can be located at 'application/language/[LANGUAGE]/flexi_cart_lang.php'.

    The Italian language file has been kindly translated by koichirose.
    The other language files are currently translations using Google Translate, so beware they may contain misinterpretations.

    See this updated help guide page for details on defining a specific language file.

  • Updated the functionality of the libraries message functions.

    The libraries message functions have been improved so that messages set internally via the library (e.g. When adding an item to the cart), can be defined to be shown to either 'Public' or 'Admin' users, or to not be shown at all.

    This functionality has been defined via the libraries config. file and can be found via the $config['messages']['target_user'] settings.

    For further clarity, when using the libraries functions to set and return status and error messages, each message function now requires that either 'public' or 'admin' is defined as the 'target_user'.

    The functions affected by this update are: status_messages(), set_status_message(), error_messages(), set_error_message(), get_messages_array() and get_messages()

    The user guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

Release | January 2012

  • First publicly released version.