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The flexi auth library includes a messaging system that allows for custom status and error messages to be displayed to users when they perform actions utilising library functions.

Each message is fully customisable and uses the native CodeIgniter language library to allow for multi-lingual versions of each message.

Below is a compiled list of functions and configuration settings to implement and customise the management of status and error messages.

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Message Config | Message Functions

Message Configuration

Customise the configuration of the how the library handles status and error messages.

Message Config. File Settings

Status Message Functions

Error Message Functions

Global Message Functions

  • clear_messages()
    Clear all status and error messages.
  • get_messages_array()
    Returns any set messages, grouped into a 'status' and 'error' array.
    The returned status and error messages are then further grouped into 'public' and 'admin' type messages.
  • get_messages()
    Get any operational function messages whether of status or error type and format their output with delimiters.