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Whilst the flexi auth libraries primary purpose is to manage the authentication of a users login credentials, it's next major feature is user management.

The library includes a set of highly configurable database tables and accompanying functions that allow you to handle the data stored for each user, including user group and privilege assignment.

Below is a compiled list of functions and configuration settings to implement and customise the management of user accounts.

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User Account Config | Get User Account Data | Set User Account Data

User Account Configuration

Customise the configuration of the user database tables and how the library handles user account data and behaviours.

User Account Config. File Settings

Getting User Account Data

Get data from the auth session or database.
User Account Data Functions

User Activation Functions

User Group Functions
  • get_users_group()
    Gets records from the user group table typically for a filtered set of users.

Setting User Account Data

Set data to the database.
User Account CRUD Functions
  • insert_user()
    Inserts user account and profile data, returning the users new id.
  • update_user()
    Updates the main user account table and any related custom user tables with the submitted data.
  • delete_user()
    Deletes a user account and all related custom user tables from the database.

Custom User Data CRUD Functions

User Activation Functions

Password Management Functions

Email Management Functions