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Within any site allowing for user accounts, there is likely to be a need to group users into specific types, from the most basic 'Public' and 'Admin' user groups, to more specific groupings that could include 'Moderators', 'Editors', 'Contributors' etc.

By grouping user types, the library includes functions that restrict/allow access to specific content based on a users user group. Furthermore, the library can filter and search users based on their user group.

Below is a compiled list of functions and configuration settings to implement and customise the management of user groups.

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User Group Config | Get User Group Data | Set User Group Data

User Group Configuration

Customise the configuration of the user database tables and how the library handles user group data.

User Group Config. File Settings

Getting User Group Data

Get data from the auth session or database.
User Group Data Functions

User Group Validation Functions
  • in_group()
    Verifies whether a user is assigned to a particular user group.

Setting User Group Data

Set data to the database.
User Group CRUD Functions