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When setting up the cart, all monetary values are based on a specifically defined currency, this currency value is then used for all internal calculations.

When these values are displayed by the cart, they can be converted into any other currency that has been setup. This allows for cart setups that would enable a customer to view prices in their own currency, whilst still saving all cart data in the carts default currency.

The currency conversion simply works by updating the exchange rate of other currencies to the carts currency.
For developers with access to an exchange rate data feed, a custom function could be used to auto update the exchange rates.

In addition to allowing multiple currencies, the format of these currencies can also be set, with options available to define the currency symbol (£, €, $), the position of the symbol (Prefixed of suffixed to the value), and the characters used as the 'Thousand' and 'Decimal' separators (Commas, periods).

Manage Currencies

Insert New Currency

Name Exchange Rate Symbol Symbol HTML Suffix Thousand Decimal Status Delete
AU $
US $