Save / Load Cart Data Examples

When a customer adds an item to their cart, flexi cart stores the data of the item and all cart settings in a session on the customers browser.
If the customer leaves the site and later returns, depending on the life of sessions set in CodeIgniter, the customers shopping cart data may have expired and have been erased.

One of flexi carts features is that a customers cart session data can be saved to the sites database, and can then be loaded at a later date, restoring the contents of their original cart.

Save Current Cart Data

By clicking the button below, the current carts session data will be saved to the sites database.
This cart data will then be listed in the 'Load Saved Cart Data' table below and can be reloaded into the users browser to continue shopping.

Save Cart Data Note: Any cart data saved will be viewable by other users to this site until either deleted, or until the sites database is restored to default settings (Every few hours).

Load Saved Cart Data

The table below lists all carts sessions that have been saved to the database.
To reload a cart session, click on the date and time that the cart was saved. Cart sessions can be permanently deleted by clicking 'Delete'.

Date Cart Saved Delete
Load cart session data saved on : 19th Apr 2024 @ 11:06 Delete
Load cart session data saved on : 25th Apr 2024 @ 17:52 Delete
Note: Only saved cart session data for orders that have not been completed are listed.