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The shopping cart page of any e-commerce site is a very important step in converting a browsing shopper, to a paying customer.

The design of the cart page generally follows the concept of a list of items within the customers cart and then a summary of the carts value.
However, the data listed in some carts can often be lacking in information and clarity, and therefore can potentially cloud a customers decision to buy.

flexi cart provides well over 100 configurable functions that can be used to get data from either the carts session data, or the sites database.
Using this data, the design and layout for the cart can be completely customised to match the clients requirements.

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Shipping can be based on as many location tiers as required.
This example shows how rates can be calculated as per country right down to specific postal codes.
To demonstrate, select country 'United States' > select state 'New York' and enter '10101' as the postal code.
Note: This demo also updates tax rates based on the shipping location, this also can be set independently.
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