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Discounts can be setup with a wide range of rule conditions that can then be applied to specific items, groups of items or across the entire cart.

Discount activation rules can be set to check the value and quantity of items in the cart, a customers location and up to three custom statuses within the cart. For example whether a customer has logged in, or is regarded as a new customer.

Other options include activation and expiry dates, usage limits, voiding of reward points and whether discounts can be combined with other discounts.

To comply with tax laws in different countries and states, the method of calculating tax on discounted items can be set using one of three methods.

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Type / Location
Target Group / Item
Code / Description
Requirements / Discount
Custom Cart Statuses
  • Three individual custom cart statuses can be set to affect whether discounts become active.
    The custom statuses can contain any string or integer values, if the value then matches the the custom status of a discount, then provided all other discount conditions are also matched, the discount is activated.
    For example, a custom status could check whether a user is logged in, by default it is set to false (0), when a user then logs in, the status could be set to true (1) which would then enable the discount.
Usage Status / Validity
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